I said no plants outside my moon domes….

#aiart could be improved. i said no plants outside my moon domes….

Componetized dome panels easily put together with clear material and solar panels covering cities on the moon. lots of plants and trees inside the structure of the dome to produce oxygen from carbon dioxide. Expandable shipping containers can be used to quickly assemble houses. Drones go outside the dome without oxygen to do repairs and collect material for water production. Plants can not exist outside the dome as the atmosphere will not allow it.


Are you a developer? help me finish the open space game. I need help with a secure server. I have pegasus or hermit and zoom hacked so i cant copy paste randomly. I want to create a crypto coin for open space, and allow prompts for 3d generation of models. It would be cool to make it like star wars galaxies with user created cities and professions.


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