I am trying to backup the wordpress based server for my game open space.

I use Total Upkeep on another site so I tried that.
There was a fatal error when trying to activate it.
I tried the most highly rated plugin Updraft Plus. It has an error during backup that I don’t know how to solve.
I tried Duplicator. You have to upgrade to pro to have scheduled or off site backups.
I signed up for Jetpack backup.
Wordpress 6.5 is out, it looks good so far.

New Version of Open Space for iOS and Mac available on TestFlight.

Link to download: https://testflight.apple.com/join/6MMGHF2j

You can explore for minerals on The Moon and Mars. 
You can create 3d objects in a replicator in your sphere on the moon.
You can choose a username.
You can reset your username
You can choose to name your sphere.
There is a limit now of 20 spheres.
Placeholders for cash and energy.
Added blog to About tab
You can log in using Google as well as Apple now.